Welcome to Stockdog U!

Stockdog U is a unique training facility

located in East Central Indiana. As our name suggests, our facility offers stockdog training for
all herding breeds and their mixes. At Stockdog U, we will not only help you train your dog, we will
give you the tools and knowledge to provide your dog with a great quality of life. If you do not have access to livestock, don't worry! We have the facilities and tools you'll need to train your dog. Additionally, herding skills, learned at Stockdog U will keep your dog mentally and physically fit. If you want to teach your dog valuable herding partner or just have some fun, come see us!

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Lesson Prices

  • Instinct Evaluation: $10
  • Class Session (Includes 2 sessions): $20


Stockdog Blog

Recent Events

Betty Williams Clinic
September 21 - 23
Had an absolutely fabulous weekend here with
Betty Williams. Everyone did a great job and made vast improvements!

Jax on Cattle

Savvy on Cattle
September 7 - 9
Savvy scored a 125 (out of 130) on her first time out in a farm trial setting. Alas, it was still not good enough for the win, because Michelle and Blu tied with us but beat us by TIME! I guess we are consistent in our training, huh?